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The purpose of the Thomas Moorman Fellowship Program is to provide intensive professional development experience, mentoring, and support to future leaders in the Association and the field of Student Affairs. The Program is funded by the TACUSPA Foundation.

Health, Safety, and Well-being

  • These Walls Will Talk: Diplomas and the Stories They Tell, R. Montelongo (2018)
  • Medical curriculum enrichment across the life-course using e-Delphi and the community priority index (CPI) ranking algorithm ,Salihu HM, Dongarwar D, Malmberg ED, Harris TB, Thomson, WA. (2019)
  • Advancing Holistic Review for Faculty Recruitment and Advancement,Harris TB, Thomson WA, Moreno NP, Conrad S, White SE, Young GH, Malmberg ED, Weisman B, Monroe ADH (2018)

Student Success

Financial Wellness

Career and Workforce Development

    Policy and Advocacy

    Supporting the Profession

    Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

    Contributing Scholars

    TACUSPA is committed to supporting and advancing scholarship in student affairs through the development and dissemination of knowledge to the membership. This page highlights recent publications and other initiatives that support TACUSPA's research goals. 

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    Teresa Simpson, Lamar University, 2019-2021 Director of Research

    Thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Summer Virtual Case Study!

    TACUSPA joins Sam Houston State University in hosting the Texas Higher Education Faculty in Student Affairs Listserv. The listserv is for faculty in Texas higher education or student affairs graduate programs. 

    The list serve is to:

    • Share and exchange contemporary topics impacting faculty of higher education graduate programs
    • Promote professional development offered to faculty of higher education graduate programs
    • Engage faculty of higher education graduate programs in current issues in the profession


    For more information on the Listserv please contact Listserv manager, Dr. Peggy Holzweiss at pholzweiss@shsu.edu

    Created by TACUSPA members in 2019: 

    Dr. Peggy Holzweiss

    Associate Professor

    Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling

    Sam Houston State University 

    Krista Bailey, Ph. D. 

    Clinical Associate Professor

    Educational Administration and Human Resource Development 

    Texas A&M University


    Dr. Edrel Stoneham

    Was promoted to Vice President of Student Services on May 1, 2021. Prior to becoming Vice President, he served as Director of Enrollment Services and Registrar, and most recently Dean of Student Services at Victoria College. Also, the Board of Directors for the American Association of Community Colleges notified him in June that he was appointed as a Commissioner representing Small and Rural Colleges. His appointment began on July 1, 2021 and ends June 30, 2024.

    2020 TACUSPA Fellow launches Career at TAMU!

    Shelby Hearn

    2021 TACUSPA Fellow, just accepted her first professional position at TAMU where she has accepted the position of Program Coordinator for Residence Life at Texas A&M University. She will be working with the Academic Peer Mentor Program, FACTION Living Learning Community, and teaching the FACTION Hullabaloo U course! She recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters of Educational Administration in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education and has decided to continue her education in the PhD Higher Education Administration program at Texas A&M University. She is a Maroon and White Leadership Coach and serves on the Student Organization Accountability Board (SOAB) at the institution. She is also heavily involved in the Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) and serves on the research committee in a variety of roles. Her passion for learning and enhancing the student experience are two major keys of her work.

      Ashley D. Spicer-Runnels & Teresa E. Simpson (Ed.)

    Developing an Intercultural Responsive Leadership Style for Faculty and Administrators

    Editor Description:

    College student populations are becoming increasingly more diverse as students from diverse backgrounds have greater access to higher education. Additionally, governing bodies have heightened expectations related to student success, retention, and time to degree, thus holding institutions of higher education more accountable. With a changing student demographic and increased accountability measures, faculty and administrators are seeking effective strategies to enhance intercultural responsiveness among underrepresented populations to support their success.

    Hardcover | 2020 | 300 pages
    ISBN: 9781799841081

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