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Strategic Five-Year Plan: 2020-2025


The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) enhances higher education and student success by cultivating relationships and engagement that promote leadership development among current and aspiring student affairs practitioners and scholars.


TACUSPA: Leading innovation in student development, engagement, and success.  


The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) is an association of administrators, staff, faculty, students, and others interested in the professional administration of student affairs programs in higher education. The Association’s core values include:

  • Development: Provide opportunities for substantive professional development and meaningful interactions that advance the goals and initiatives of the profession.
  • Advocacy: Promote the impact of social justice issues within the profession through the exchange of knowledge and research with relevant constituents. 
  • Networking:  Enhance opportunities for exchange among the members of the profession, including those in specialized areas. 


The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) is committed to the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Association and the profession. TACUSPA values people of all races, colors, national origins, ages, sexes, religions, disabilities, veteran statuses, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and genetic information. TACUSPA is committed to eliminating prejudice or discrimination of any kind.


Goal 1: Create and implement sustainable practices that enhance operational efficiency.

  • Evaluate Association leadership roles to improve functionality
  • Develop models and systems for effective financial management
  • Invest in technology to expand operational effectiveness
  • Coordinate holistic program design and implementation

Goal 2: Engage members in meaningful ways to assist in their leadership development and growth.

  • Improve year-round engagement opportunities
  • Strengthen the quality of the annual conference
  • Devise intentional strategies to grow and diversify membership
  • Increase leadership engagement inside and outside the Association

Goal 3: Amplify member and constituent knowledge to influence student success.

  • Promote and expand the Association’s communication practices to cultivate engagement
  • Develop and encourage the use of TACUSPA’s online services and resources through membership incentives
  • Utilize technology to enhance effective change within the culture of student affairs
  • Create opportunities for regional networking and distribution of knowledge to promote student success

Goal 4: Develop multiple pathways of knowledge creation, acquisition, and exchange with regards to research.

  • Identify members’ relevant professional areas of interest and expertise
  • Diversify research resources for members
  • Coordinate opportunities for topic-based connections between members
  • Strengthen the exchange of scholarly ideas through innovative methods

Goal 5: Educate and participate in the continued work of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Create and develop relationships with affinity-based associations across the state
  • Connect membership to available professional development opportunities on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Provide structured support to empower individuals based on their identities
  • Increase diversity within the membership and leadership of the Association to be reflective of the constituencies it serves within the State of Texas

Contact us at tacuspa@tacuspa.net for general inquires

For membership inquires reach out to us at membership@tacuspa.net

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